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Guide to Sell Used Cathlab at Best Price

Are you looking to sell your used cathlab machine? May be you are upgrading and wish to sell the current system, which is in good working condition. You probably want to sell the existing used Cathlab machine directly to another hospital in smaller location, to get a better price than the buy-back offer you are getting from the new vendor. Whatever the situation may be, to sell used cathlab at best price, you need to arm yourself with crucial information that a potential buyer will want to know about the cathlab being put up for sale.

Should you intend to sell your used cath lab system, there is a lot of information a potential buyer will want to know about the system, its accessories, usage and condition of important parts like X-ray tube, how well you’ve maintained it during the time you’ve owned it and licenses you have.

Basic System Information – essential to screen for initial interest

The first step is simple and straightforward. This is the stage where a potential buyer is screening the item to check if it matches their requirement at all. Gather all the pertinent information about your system and keep it ready in shareable form. Think like a buyer! The first set of questions from the buyer is likely to be related to:

  • Make
  • Model
  • System date of manufacture
  • Image Intensifier or Flat Panel Detector date of manufacture
  • Tube date of manufacture
  • Ceiling/ floor mounted?
  • Single or bi-plane cathlab system
  • Accessories available e.g lead aprons, lead shield, Catheter Cabinets etc.
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