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About Us

About us

Our mission is simple - to keep your medical equipment in optimal condition, helping healthcare providers deliver exceptional patient care. We understand the critical role medical equipment plays in saving lives and improving patient outcomes. That's why we go the extra mile to offer efficient, effective, and cost-friendly solutions to keep your equipment functioning at its best. Our team of professionals is comprised of certified technicians and experienced engineers with a deep understanding of various medical equipment types and models. From diagnostic imaging equipment like MRI, CT, and X-ray machines to patient monitors, infusion pumps, and surgical instruments, we have the expertise to handle them all.

Why Choose Us

Experience: With years of experience in the medical equipment maintenance and repair industry, we have earned a reputation for excellence and reliability. Our team has encountered a wide range of equipment issues and excels in resolving them promptly.

Quality Service: Our commitment to quality service sets us apart. We use the latest diagnostic tools and follow industry best practices to ensure accurate assessments and timely repairs, minimizing downtime for your equipment.

Customer-Our customer-centric approach is driven by a deep understanding of our clients' needs and a relentless commitment to surpassing their expectations. Our customer-centric approach means we listen to your needs and tailor our services accordingly. We work closely with you to develop personalized maintenance plans that align with your facility's requirements.

Quick Response Time: Medical equipment failures can disrupt your operations, impacting patient care. Our team understands the urgency of these situations, and we strive to provide fast response times to get your equipment back up and running.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand the challenges healthcare facilities face in managing budgets. Our cost-effective solutions help you optimize your equipment's lifespan and reduce the need for costly replacements.

Compliance and Safety: We adhere to all relevant industry standards and regulations to ensure the safety and compliance of your medical equipment. Our technicians are up-to-date with the latest advancements and follow rigorous safety protocols during maintenance and repair processes.

At Medical Equipment Maintenance & Repair, we take pride in being a trusted partner for healthcare providers across the region. Our dedication to excellence, personalized service, and unwavering commitment to your success make us the go-to choice for all your medical equipment maintenance and repair needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your facility's medical equipment and keep it running smoothly, so you can focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.

Meet Our Team

Abhishek Sinha 

Co-Founder & CEO 

He has 21 years of extensive and niches experience in Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement and has been involved in various healthcare projects.

Rahul Kumar

Co-Founder & CFO

He has 22 years of extensive experience in Finance sector and has served at various positions in various financial roles.