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GE Vivid Series – Line of Cardiac Ultrasound Machines

Cardiac ultrasound is an ultrasound of heart also known as Echocardigram. It helps in diagnosis of various heart related problems as it shows size, shape and motion of the heart. It also shows blood flow through heart and blood vessels using various methods as contrast echocardiogram, stress echo, TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram) and doppler ultrasound.


Here we will see various cardiovascular ultrasound machines from GE. GE has dedicated its Vivid series with many cardiac ultrasound machines from economy to premium range.

GE Vivid S60 and Vivid S70 -Mid range cardiac ultrasound machines

GE offers various cart based cardiovascular models as Vivid S60 and vivid S70. Refurbished Vivid S60 is 2D ultrasound machine while Vivid S70  is with 3D/4D imaging technology. This  makes S60 a little less expensive version of S70. These ultrasound machines have software-based cSound beam former image reconstruction, advanced quantification tools, including the new AFI Stress for LV quantification in a stress echo whereas used GE Vivid S70 has an additional Triplex imaging for spectral, color, and 2D simultaneous imaging and TEE echo.

GE Vivid E9 Ultrasound Machine – High performance range

Another cardiac ultrasound machine is GE Vivid E9. It is featured with large field-of-view that’s ideal for capturing the entire heart with high frame rates and comprehensive diagnostic information. 4D technology features of refurbished GE Vivid E9 includes 4D LV Mass, 4D Auto LVQ, 4D Views with “one-touch” options and 4D strain.

GE Vivid E9 XDClear allows a wide range of transducers for cardiac, vascular, obstetric, gynecologic, urological, abdominal, pediatric, neonatal, fetal heart, , transcranial and small parts application.

A refurbished GE Vivid E9 is really a good option for someone looking to buy a high performance cardiovascular ultrasound machine with 4D imaging technology.

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